Dragopolis 2.0 Feels More Like Just a Drag

Dragopolis 2.0

Last month I started to play the mobile game RuPaul Drag Race Dragopolis 2.0 which I was totally excited about. Being that I am an avid fan of Rupaul’s drag race I had high hopes and some expectations for the game. I had never played the first game so I didn’t know what to expect, But I heard that this game was different from the first one and that I could still gather what was going on in the game.


The premise is simple: Mother Ru is opening a new Ruseum when all of that is ruined by the fictional evil queen Apocalypstyk. You, with the help of your favorite queens must stop her and get the show back on track. The game is like a pong game where you shoot your balls to hit the pink rhinestones that you’ll need those to complete the level. You will have the pleasure of playing as either: Alaska Thunderfuck, JuJubee, Sharon Needles, Jinx Monsoon, Ongina, Shangela, or Raven.

This game falls under your typical mobile game. By that I mean you need lives to play and if you want power ups outside of the ones they give you in the beginner levels you need to pay for them as well as additional lives. You can watch an ad for a free love, which is the life currency in the game, or else they recharge every 15 minutes.

Now I was expecting a fighting game of sorts or a dress up game like Kim K’s Hollywood and I was very pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t either of those. A pong game made it more accessible for anyone to get the game and dive right in to it. Sadly this is where the “pleasant surprises” end .

Forgive me mother Ru, but this game is horrible for a plethora of reasons. Lets start at the top.

All of the queens are nothing more then avatars. Poorly drawn flash avatars at that. When you get a chance to play as one, they do not do anything special. They have no special power ups and they look like someone in flash 101 drew them. With all that money drag race makes, you couldn’t physically do the queens more justice?

Dragopolis 2.0

Next issue, and the biggest in my opinion: the health. You need love to play each level but unlike other games even if you pass the level you still lose a life. Which is annoying. Very. Annoying. It feels like there is no reward for playing well. Especially when the love doesn’t recharge unless the app is open and active. Which kills the battery.


Dragopolis 2.0

Oh look I’m out of lives again

Also the game play also gets a bit repetitive, the “traps” try to spice up the levels but they teeter between impossible and a joke. Even the Boss levels when you have to throw the evil queens out of the way seems ‘meh’ at best. Largely because the physics in the game are a bit skewed. Now I am no physicist but I do believe that if my ball misses a trap it shouldn’t get eaten. Also how does my ball not hit a single rhinestone.

Not everything is all bad in that game…. The Squirrelfriend(shopkeeper) is cute tho.

Personally speaking I was super disappointed at this game. If this game was a drag queen game, RuPaul would have asked this game to sashay away on episode 2. I just can’t see why the developers thought this would be a good idea for a brand that is over the top and dripping perfection and excellence. RuPaul should fire the person who made this game then fire the hiring manager who cosigned on this. Like seriously #girlbye. I enjoy all types of games and I also recommend games to my friends all the time. But this one, this one right here, this one I couldn’t in good conscious tell anyone I care about to play it. This makes for a horrible commute game because after 5 levels (providing you pass them) you are out of lives.

Skip this game and just watch the show. Save yourself the frustration, your balls and sanity. Maybe a third game will be released that is more like Bianca Del Rio and less like Mimi Imfurst.

Dragopolis 2.0

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