Comics, Sci- Fi and Family Guy At New York’s WinterCon 2014 Premiere

Resorts World Casino NY in Queens was host to one more New York con for the year called New York’s WinterCon 2014. The space was pretty nifty for a con of it’s size and not to mention the overpriced bottles of water and snacks allotted by the entrance. But let’s break this down logistically.


As expected there were a mass of Sci-Fi originals swarming the scene with lightsaber duels and a number of Star Trek favorites. However, upon arrival the hostess mentioned that there were actually many more comics than expected. Nothing against comics, but NYWinterCon 2014 promised to be much more gratifying for Star Wars fans like myself. But in the midst of one third of comic book stands across the platform, the Star Wars lightsaber performance group, ‘Empire Saber Guild’, added a nice touch!


The point to this event was to showcase a comic and Sci-Fi expo, much like the annual Comic Con, but not as large or grandiosely publicized. This was in fact more intimate in the sense that the panels were displayed on the open forum instead of private auditoriums. Guests includedDC comics modern imagery creator, Neal Adams and mastermind behind The Incredible Hulk, Herb Trimpe among others. A downfall to this idea might be that one couldn’t very well hear the panel respond to questions from their audience and the very few people actually paying attention to what they had to say. However, I suppose their responses rendered enough for those who were actually interested.


It wasn’t all a fail. There were plenty of familiar characters that many would appreciate, among them were far too many ‘Ghost Busters’ crews and Harley Quinns. A few were nice enough to allow me to take a picture of their cosplay and aside from their enthusiasm to play up these characters, they didn’t seem apt enough to participate in promotion of it. This seems to be the attitude in most of these cons in spite of the participants’ efforts to strut their stuff behind the guise of their favorites in comics and Sci-Fi. Granted, these cosplayers aren’t exactly what you call socially adept individuals even though these cons are created for the camaraderie between comics and sci-fi geeks alike.

Harley Quinn

However, the best part of my day had to be coming across the voice of Mort Goldman from Family Guy. Turns out it’s not that of Seth McFarlane but rather Johnny Brennan, voice actor and co-creator of The Jerky Boys. Mort’s role was actually designed and influenced by Brennan’s Jerky Boys’ character, Sol Rosenberg. Brennan was enthusiastic to tell us all about his involvement in Family Guy and Mort’s character as well as promotion of his work in The Jerky Boys. His display of it all was rather impressive considering WARNING labels on the audio cassettes that read ‘this may offend many people.’ Among his Jerky Boys’ soundtracks and review books were photo stills of Family Guy favorites like the Star Wars and The Road to Germany episodes where Mort plays a significant role.


Brennan was nice enough to snap a couple of pictures with me! Honestly, he was the sweetest guy and brought one my favorites to life right before eyes. Kudos!


Be sure to check out The Jerky Boys and make it a favorite of yours as well!

In spite of the minor pitfalls in organization, this WinterCon succeeded in what most on these conventions are created for, in providing geeks and enthusiasts a welcoming stage.

Next time, I’ll follow up in promotion of Girl Gamer Vogue. I must admit my ‘star struck’ got the best of me.

This article was re-published with permission by author. Read the original review here!

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