Battlefy Offers New Features Automating League of Legends Tournaments


Vancouer-based eSports tournament-management platform Battlefy has made tournament management for Riot Games’ market-leading League of Legends title a far easier and deeper experience by automating lobby creationscore reporting and stats tracking. Co-founded by Jason Xu, a former eSports tournament organizer and competitive Starcraft player in 2012, and Justin Wong,  co-founder and CTO,  Battlefy knows how fans can benefit from the vast features it offers. The new features make finding information on how their favorite teams and players performed a breeze. Battlefy and Riot have been collaborating to improve organized competitions for League of Legends communities. The beta Tournament Code system is an experimental feature that significantly improves:
  • Getting teams and spectators into the game lobby – Previously players had to find who their opponents are, add them as friends inside the game, create a Custom Game, and invite all players into the Custom Game. With Tournament Code, players and spectators just need to copy a small line of code into the game client and they are automatically placed in a pre-made game lobby.
  • Reporting scores – Automates the process of reporting scores by pulling results directly from the game.  Eliminates any type of cheating or mistakes made when players or a tournament organizer manually inputs wins.
  • Viewing stats – Automatically display post-match stats in detail. Fans can look up everything from Champions used, gold earned, kill death assist ratio to item builds.

In addition to the platform’s support of League of Legends, Battlefy can be used to create tournaments for more than 42,000 other games.

Battlefy’s robust technology has allowed the company to surpass the leading eSports platforms in just two years.  Battlefy is the tournament-management tool of choice for Riot’s North American Collegiate Open, Ubisoft’s Might & Magic DoC Road2Paris Championships, the American Open Qualifier for The Summit, the Gottacon LoL Championships, Dota Peru Championships, North American Dota SECS, High School StarLeague, and Razer’s LoL Clash.

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