Attend League of Legends Debonair Themed Party in NYC


First Debonair Soiree to be held in late June

The New York City League of Legends, LLC will host its first annual League of Legends Debonair Soiree on June 20th. A mid-summer party with a League of Legends twist, the Summer Soiree hopes to attract east coast gamers who want to have the quintessential New York nightlife experience in their own way.

With Esports and Youtube personalities will be in attendance such as Protatomonster, Blakinola, Gbay99, and ex-LCS player Chuuper the organization is excited to debut their mid-summer party with a bang! Additionally, NYC LOL will also showcase related elements of the gaming community featuring cosplayers, art, apparel, and esports brands and giveaways. Held at the beautiful rooftop lounge DL in the LES, this event is not one to miss. Knocking the notion the East Coast doesn’t know how to throw an eSports party, NYC LoL is turning all the stops to challenge just that. Featured music by acclaimed video game DJ Kenneth Rage.


“This party will be unlike anything ever seen in the gaming community. This will be a grand spectacle, a chance for gamers to celebrate their passions in a uniquely New York way.”

-Cristina Sylvia Amaya, Founder and Project Manager for NYC LoL

NYC League of Legends is Riot Games supported community, a grassroots organization that holds monthly viewing parties, yearly tournaments, social events with pro players, training workshops, and more. To date, NYC League of Legends has 2000 members spanning from teens to adults.

For more information on NYC LoL visit their Facebook Page, Twitter, or website. Early Bird tickets of $15 ends this Friday May 1st! For tickets and event info, visit the event site.

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The largest League of Legends organization in NYC with 2,000 members and climbing. NYC League of Legends was founded in 2014 and has held over 100 events from meet and greets with pro players, social events with content creators, officially Riot Games supported viewing parties, online tournaments, and more. Click here to join.


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