Actor Who Plays ‘The Hound’ Spotted On ‘GOT’ Set. CleganeBowl Confirmed?

thehound_geeksandcleatsOur favorite dog will return!

Rory McCann commonly known as The Hound on Game of Thrones was spotted on set in Belfast.

Last we saw The Hound was at Arya Stark’s “mercy” before she robbed him of his last few golden dragons and left him for dead after the bad-ass duel between him and Brienne of Tarth in season 4. Ever since fans have speculated that The Hound survived this ordeal (given that we didn’t actually see him die and in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire) we should NEVER assume anything.

In the books, however, it is quite evident that he survived and is rescued somehow by upcoming characters, the Elder Brother and Septon Meribald from the Faith, who play important roles in A Feast For Crows.


In the novel, Brienne of Tarth remains on her quest to find Arya and Sansa Stark when she encounters the Faith in the Riverlands and the Elder Brother tells her about The Hound’s fate. Giving vague details, all he says is The Hound is “at rest” speculating to the reader that the man ‘The Hound’ is gone and he is now Sandor Clegane. Lastly, Brienne takes note of the Gravedigger just outside the monastery with the same acquired wounds The Hound had after their duel and his face nearly covered completely.

McCann’s latest appearance at Belfast gives light to this and also raises questions about the possibility of the show covering the Clegane Bowl in season 6.

Following the Mountain’s rebirth as Ser Robert Strong (that is The Zombie Mountain) and Cersei Lannister’s walk of shame, she will announce this new (and terrifying) version of The Mountain as her champion in a trial by combat. If all goes accordingly, it could be that the Faith may name The Hound or Sandor Clegane as their champion following his recovery and walk towards a new holy life.

Speaking of which, remember the prophecy told by the Maggy the frog?


For all you non-book readers, recalling the flashback in season 5 where Cersei visits the wood’s witch to learn if she will be queen and marry Prince Rhaegar.

The witch predicts that she will be queen for a time but will marry the king and have only 3 children and “gold will be their crowns, gold will be their shrouds” before she goes into the creepiest cackle that makes even young Cersei’s evil a** tear up.

What the scene vaguely elaborated on was the last part of this prophecy where the witch added “valonquar” or “little brother” will be the one who will eventually kill Cersei. For years she believed this to be Tyrion, her little brother, confirming why she’s hated him for all these years and has stopped at nothing to get him killed.

However, author George RR Martin will not make things so simple and going over the amounts of evidence and theories it seems that “little brother” could be The Hound who will win the Clegane Bowl that will lead to Cersei’s execution.


This theory began back in 2013 and is perhaps the most satisfying theory (next to R+L=J) to date given that it covers the ever mounting curve-balls Martin loves to throw at us and the pending prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled.

The Clegane Bowl will be a major turning point in Westeros and given the tension between the Clegane brothers,ever since Gregor smashed The Hound’s face into the brazier of fire leaving him horrendously disfigured as a young boy, Sandor has never been the same and their story has always been an interesting subplot that alluded to it playing an important role in major story lines at some point.


Will season 6 cover the Clegane Bowl or will this be another background mystery that will serve a purpose in the following seasons?

We’ll have to wait to see but until then watch this nifty video below on theories and possible spoilers.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Enjoy!

If you need a refresher  on what exactly ‘Clegane-Bowl’ is check out this video

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