9 Inexpensive Housewares For Your Nerd Crib

Since I just moved into my new apartment yesterday, I contemplated this morning about what would be some great affordable Etsy editions to my room. I try to buy as much as I can from small businesses to make the world go round. Here are nine of my possible picks. Everything listed is under $20.


Final Fantasy IX Vivi Dictionary Art – $5.00

I love learning new words and I love black mages. This creative concept was designed by Etsy user Atthedriven. He recycles old dictionary pages and turns them into pieces of art. There’s a multitude of Square Enix and Nintendo prints. For only $5, it’s a steal. Note: the frame isn’t included, but you can by one like it at your local dollar store.


Sega Genesis Controller Light Switch Cover – $7.25

Remember the good old days playing Sonic & Knuckles for hours on the Genesis? Bring back the nostalgia with this unique light switch cover to make your bedroom less boring.  Etsy user KittyinPinkDIY also has a NES and a TriForce cover if you’re not a Genesis fan.


Nintendo Soap Controller – $12

Digital Soaps by Chrystal Doucette has been covered in Game Pro, Forbes, and Wired UK. She sells a variety soaps for the gamer, geek or techie. They’re famous across the world but she continues to sell on Etsy. As a soapmaker myself, I think the idea is gold. I mean, seriously. How many ways can you nerdify your bathroom?


Handmade Legend of Zelda Shot Glasses – $12

Here are some handmade Legend of Zelda shot glasses. Each are etched without any solvents. Perfect for a night of gaming! Remember to share or else you might lose another heart. Take it easy.


Doctor Who Dalek Cookie Cutter – $6.50

So ridiculous yet so cute. Now you can “exterminate!” Daleks without the Doctor. You don’t need a sonic screwdriver, just eat them!  I only have a bunch of seasonal cookie cutters for Christmas and Halloween. This is just the incentive to bake more throughout the year.


League of Legends Vayne Print – $14

Vayne was my first champion in League of Legends and she still remains my favorite. I’m torn between getting “On the Wings of Night” and “Everyday I’m Tumblin.’” Etsy user Pharafax designed prints of other champions like Katarina, Teemo, Miss Fortune, Ezreal, Cho’Gath, and many more. Who’s your main champion?


10″ Bob-omb Chalk Board Wall Vinyl – $9.99

What a cool way to write notes on the bedroom wall; better than Post-Its and more economical, too. Don’t worry, this Bob-omb will stay in place and won’t explode, so feel free to record grocery lists or notes to your roommate.


Set of Four Gaming Controller Coasters – $9.99

Very mod and retro. Featured are an assortment of controllers and handheld consoles from every era. It’s fun to watch how Nintendo controllers went from simple to crazy then minimal.


Kirby Hand Towel – $10

It’s Kirby and adorable. Enough said. I’d probably only use this as a decorative towel for my bathroom. I’d be too afraid to mess up Kirby’s face. The SeamsGeeky shop has other cute towels like the Question Block in Super Mario Bros., the Tri Force, and Star Trek uniform pins.

Well, that’s all nine. Let me know in the comments what you think of my selection or if you have any more ideas for my room. Feel free to post pictures of your gaming room, too.

**None of the following Etsy shops have endorsed GGV or are affiliated with GGV. By posting these links, I am not committed to buying anything nor considering this as advertising. This is just a list picked by me based on my own opinions.

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